Rama Screensaver

Rama Screensaver


Discover Rama Screensaver, your personal photo gallery for your idle screen. Display your images in a dynamic slideshow, control the flow with intuitive features, and customize your experience with adjustable settings. With support for multiple file formats, Rama Screensaver transforms your idle screen into a vibrant journey through your favorite moments.

Rama Screensaver is a dynamic and user-friendly program designed to bring your personal images to life on your screen. This innovative screensaver program allows you to install and display your personal images in a slideshow format, transforming your idle screen into a personalized photo gallery. With its intuitive controls and customizable settings, Rama Screensaver offers a unique blend of entertainment and functionality, making it an ideal choice for those looking to add a personal touch to their screens.

The program is not just about displaying images; it's about giving you control over how you interact with your memories. You can pause and resume the slideshow at your convenience, save your favorite images to a specific folder, or even delete the ones you no longer want. Additionally, Rama Screensaver supports various image formats including png, jpg, bmp, and dng, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of personal photos.


  • User Control: Pause and resume the image slideshow using the space bar.
  • Image Saving: Save an image to a folder on your PC using the up arrow button.
  • Image Deletion: Delete an image using the down arrow button.
  • Image Navigation: Navigate to the previous image using the left arrow button.
  • Access to Settings: Access the control panel settings using the right arrow button.
  • Settings Control: Within the settings, control the speed at which the images change and the idle duration.
  • Information Popup: Choose to show or not show an information popup.
  • Image Path Overlay: Option to include an overlay of the image path on the image being shown.
  • Supported Formats: Display png, jpg, bmp, and dng files.
  • Folder Categorization: Create folders within the settings for better organization of images.
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